As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Especially in this room: we like to combine functionality with design, create coziness, set individual accents and definitely dare to be a little eccentric!
Here we show you how to bring design into your kitchen step by step. All products were personally selected by us and meet exactly our requirements: unconventional design and the best quality that brings individuality to your space!

The first step: creating a basis

If you have an existing kitchen and want to breathe new life into it, there are simple tricks to make the space shine without having to replace the kitchen outright!
To create an eye-catcher, we recommend wallpaper as a base! These can either be strong in color, or feature exciting patterns. When applying, we advise that this be done by a professional who knows special glazes to adequately seal the wallpaper even in labor-intensive kitchen areas. Alternatively, the use of “bathroom” wallpaper, as they already bring the necessary quality.

The second step: furniture and lighting with design appeal

With furniture and lighting in the kitchen like to experiment and deviate from standards. We love open shelves, so utensils become thematically appropriate decoration and the usually rigid look of the kitchen is skillfully broken up.
Round tables have a communicative effect and offer the possibility to integrate an additional stool if necessary. If you have rather less space, we recommend chairs without armrests or even a bench (yes, this is possible even with round tables!) on one side of the wall.
Luminaires in the working area should provide enough light, here we recommend ceiling spots, but above the dining table it may be cozy light. You do not have an outlet above the dining table? Choose luminaires with socket connection, such as arc lamp from Valerie Objects. Also for lights it is true: dare color and shape that surprises!

The third step: utensils with function & design

Who says that practical utensils must also look practical? These accessories offer function and outstandingly simple design in one.
Repurposing can also bring excitement to a space: A concrete pot can become a cutlery basket, cutting boards can serve as wall accessories, or dishes can be staged as decorations on open shelves.

The fourth step: Smart fine tuning

The finishing touches should be special: Place wireless battery lights on the table as eye-catchers, use folding delivery tables with design flair (Acerbis) or integrate a bar setting into your kitchen. Just a few touches can make the look special, because they are the ones that end up bringing that last bit of wow feeling to the room!

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