Teapot Yoko


Includes 19% MwSt. DE

Inspired by Japanese tea culture
Yoko teapot comes from a standalone tableware collection inspired by the first trip to Japan of the design duo Stilleben, hence the Japanese girl’s name Yoko. The simple, sculptural forms challenge the material of the porcelain: sharp edges meet soft material. The teapot is the centerpiece of the collection and the cup and the small pitcher give the set a ceremonial atmosphere.

Why selected
We do not just love this pot only because we are passionate tea drinkers: The high-quality workmanship and scuplturale design inspire us! A small design object, also ideal as a gift!

Capacity: 1.38L, H : 16 cm, W: 23.6 cm, D: 14 cm

Porcelain, with high-fired porcelain glaze which makes the product durable and dishwasher safe