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Alpine chic redefined

Tyrolean chalet charm on the outside, Scandinavian Zen factor on the inside. In St. Johann, Stephanie Thatenhorst shows how impressive traditional alpine architecture with clay interior facades, natural mix of materials in a clean non-color look under the illumination of a sophisticated lighting concept becomes an architectural highlight. Discover the extraordinary style liaison in the heart of the winter sports mecca.


That has substance
The interplay of untouched nature and modern comfort runs through the DNA of the Alpine metropolis like a red thread. A criterion that Stephanie Thatenhorst also wanted to incorporate into her new project, and thus one of the oldest natural building materials is experiencing a small renaissance here: clay. In a variety of textures – from smooth and shiny on the floor to roughened on the walls and grainy on individual facade highlights such as the central fireplace – the ecological material forms a harmonious counterpart to the classic wood-beamed ceiling, creating a refreshingly modern and relaxing athmosphere. In addition to the stylistic break from the typical chalet look, clay also brings quite a few advantages, because the natural material has a very positive effect on the indoor climate, storing moisture and releasing it back into the environment as needed. In addition, the neutrally to negatively charged surface does not attract any dust – optimal conditions for allergy sufferers!


Peace you can feel
Enter and let go – that was the goal of the Zen retreat in the middle of the Alps. While in the relaxation zones fabrics such as linen, wool and coarse-meshed textiles draw you to the sofa and bed as if by magic, in the rest of the rooms natural materials such as white marble, glass elements and, as the only contrast, the fixtures made of black wood radiate pure calm for the eye and soul. For an extra touch of warmth, even the luxurious built-in furniture is covered with textile – incidentally, also a stylish technique of soundproofing.


Strikingly colorless
The Scandinavian-inspired chalet shows how exciting non-colors can be on all levels. Furniture and textiles radiate a pure relaxation atmosphere in soft white, cream and beige, and the hidden fixtures made of black wood look like a hug in the room due to the recess on the ceilings. Only at the washbasins does a cool shade of green allow for a subtle association with nature, while the cushions in the spa area appear like little spots of sunshine thanks to bright pastel yellow.


The finest play of light
In addition to the floor-to-ceiling windows, the atmosphere of the Tyrolean oasis of tranquility lives from the sophisticated lighting concept created by PSLab. A mix of floor spots, ceiling spotlights and accent luminaires set targeted accents and provide the perfect stage for special features such as varying textures, colors, and architectural highlights. Especially the rotating slats as a substitute for partition walls create playful light effects, which give the heavy clay architecture a very special lightness.

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