Vase Raw XL, handmade


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A vase blown into fine copper mesh shape
Milena’s RAW collection is driven by her passion for experimental techniques and her desire to reinterpret common production methods in hand-blown glass. A delicate copper mesh pattern on the surface and a seam where the glass has settled and cooled. The balance between delicate and raw recalls its cast copper origins. Individual variations in color, shape and thickness are part of the special design process and represent the unique quality of this particular handmade and refined vase.

Why selected
Unique design and outstanding quality inspire us! For us, Studio Milena Kling’s handmade pieces are small design masterpieces that stand on their own. Whether it is decorated with flowers or purely as an object, this special piece will enhance your space!

Heavy mouth blown glass quality. As a result, the shape, color and thickness may vary slightly for each product.

D: 25.4 cm, H: 55 cm