Cast iron teapot collage


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Japanese tea art interpreted in a modern way!
Cast iron teapot Collage is a contemporary version of the traditional Japanese teapot. Through the recess in the lid, the scent of freshly brewed tea discreetly fills the room. The cast iron teapot has a matte enamel finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside. The clean lines and slim handle give the pot a modern touch.
For the perfect tea time, why not serve on this wooden tray.

Why selected
With this teapot you will experience tea enjoyment with all senses! We’re excited to see how effortlessly traditional Japanese tea culture is reinterpreted through modern, clean design.

Cast iron

Care instructions
Not dishwasher safe, Dry well after use

H: 8 cm, L: 20 cm, W: 17,5 Capacity: 1,2 l