Vase Fide, mint


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Cartocci Collection
Paola Paronetto is an Italian ceramic designer known for fancy techniques. She made a name for herself especially with her Paper Clay technique. With the ‘Cartocci’ collection, she bridges the gap between art and design, creating sculptural objects made of paper clay.
The vase Fide, as well as all other products in the collection, are unique pieces and are created in filigree handwork in her studio in the Venetian hinterland.

Why selected
Individual design, unique pieces and handmade treasures are what make rooms unique.
For this reason we love the objects of Paola Paronetto, which are filigree handmade according to ancient craftsmanship. So every product is special and made just for you!

H: 25 cm, D: 20 cm

Ceramic, handmade