Plate Dé by Ann Demeulemeester

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Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

A work of art on the table
With Dé, the play of chiaroscuro, light and shadow so characteristic of Ann Demeulemeester’s style is transferred to tableware. The result is a collection of shadow paintings on porcelain. The edges of the fine plates have a “dégradé” that has been hand painted in several layers to create a meticulous play of lines. This craftsmanship makes each plate unique and allows for a variety of combinations. The arrangement of the different plates can be customized depending on the guest, atmosphere and dish.

Why selected
Ann Demeulemeester has created with this series a true work of art for the table. A real favorite series of ours!


Dinner plate: D: 24 cm, H: 1.5 cm
Place plate: D: 28 cm, H: 2.1 cm
Bread plate: D: 17,5 cm, H: 1,2 cm
Dessert plate: D: 14 cm, H: 0.9 cm