Design carpet Stroke, handmade


Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 8-12 Weeks

A simple brush stroke
The Stroke design rug by Sabine Marcelis represents a simple brushstroke that turns the space in which it lies into a canvas. The carpet symbolizes the beginning of a room design, which is complemented and completed by the rest of the furniture to complement the artwork on the floor.
The carpet was created with exceptional craftsmanship in Naples. The varying pile heights and subtle color differences emphasize the 3-dimensionality of this rug. The result was a work of art for the floor that is not too loud, but powerful.

Why selected
Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis created this rug with the claim that it should hold the interior together and serve as a base to which the rest of the furniture will complement. We think this is a very exciting approach! The unique 3-dimensional design and high quality of the handmade carpet inspire and very much. This rug will make any room special!

Himalayan wool

W: 160 cm, H: 300 cm
Special sizes upon request

Technical info
Technique: Hand knotted in Nepal; Quality: A+ (152,000 knots/m2).