Plaid Candy Crush


Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

A solid eye-catcher
The plaid Candy Crush is considered the magnum opus of LPJ blanket art. It consists of more than 50 high-quality, hand-selected knitting samples from luxurious Italian yarn collections. Only the finest knitting loops are used, which is why the materials here range from cashmere to silk to alpaca wool.
handmade put together in terms of color and fabric with a keen sense of aesthetics. The transitions are carefully felted with raw wool, so that each blanket is not only unique, but also durable. Just laying and sorting the flaps of a single blanket takes eight hours – upcycling at its best!
Each plaid is unique.

Why selected
LPJ Studios shows that it is possible to be environmentally responsible and value our resources even at a high level of design. The bold colors and the outstanding quality of the plaids also convinced us!

More than 50 high quality yarns (from silk to cashmere)

W: 150 cm, L: 200 cm

Care instructions
Due to the high quality of the fibers, we recommend gentle dry cleaning.