Tea cup collage, set of 4


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Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

Tea-time in wooden look
The small tea cup is made of solid acacia wood. The insulating properties of the material ensure that the cup does not get too hot in your hand. The slightly roughened wood is treated with a matte, waterproof and food-safe varnish. The center horizontal seam around the cup emphasizes the look. For the perfect tea party, combine the tea cup with the Serax teapot.

Why selected
The wooden design makes every tea time a special experience.

Acacia wood

: 5.8 cm, D: 8.5 cm
Content: 15cl

Care instructions
The material of the tea cup is very sensitive, so it can be washed only by hand. It should also be noted that the cup is not microwave and oven safe.