Plant pot Bulbi

416,00 833,00 

Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 8-12 Weeks

It´s getting green
The concrete plant pot was designed together with Studiopepe for Ethimo. The Bulbi collection includes six vases in different shapes and sizes, which can be used either individually or together in groups or even as practical side tables.
Craftsmanship gives the surface an extraordinary texture and emphasizes how special this object is.

We will be happy to advise you personally on other designs and colors. Feel free to contact us here!

Why selected
Studiopepe designed plant pots that fit perfectly in the garden and on the terrace thanks to their earth tones. We love aesthetics in the best quality!


Dimensions and weight
Depending on model:

W: 73cm H: 25 cm Weight: 21 kg

W: 75cm H: 47 cm Weight: 37 kg

W: 76 cm H: 52 cm Weight: 40 kg

W: 44 cm H: 74 cm Weight: 32 kg

W: 65 cm H: 67 cm Weight: 32 kg

W: 41 cm H: 35 cm Weight: 27 kg