Marble object Omaggio a Morandi


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Homage to Giorgio Morandi
The still lifes of artist Giorgio Morandi are known for their thoughtfulness and muted tones. This is what designer Elisa Ossino took as inspiration for the series Omaggio a Morandi and implemented it with impressive marble. The smooth, uninterrupted shapes found in the collection are reminiscent of the vessels Morandi spent his life recreating in paint on canvas.

Ossino was also inspired by the variety of different types of stone she encountered in her work with Salvatori – from the classic elegance of Bianco Carrara and Botticino to the dramatic intensity of Cipollino and Rosso Collemandina, all natural stones used in some of Italy’s most famous buildings. Each piece can be presented individually or as a group, with the muted colors of the natural stones complementing and contrasting beautifully.

Why selected
The Italian brand Salvatori stands for traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, which we also appreciate. Each product is manufactured in the highest quality and is visually and haptically special.

Natural stone

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