Alps plaid, handmade


Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

For emotional highs and philosophical lows
The Alpen Plaid by LPJ Studios is a very high quality hand knitted plaid. It is made from a particularly thick yarn from Italy, which combines wool, silk and cashmere. Processed with the highest quality standards and visually refined with colorful edging for high-contrast border crossers.

Why selected
LPJ Studios shows that it is possible to be environmentally responsible and value our resources even at a high level of design. The skillfully used colors and the outstanding quality of the plaids also convinced us!

6% cashmere, 12% silk, 82% wool

W: 140 cm, L: 180 cm

Care instructions
Due to the high quality of the fibers, we recommend gentle dry cleaning.
However, due to the self-cleaning properties of natural wool fibers, it is often sufficient to hang the plaid outside for airing instead of cleaning.