Design rug Lapse 3, handmade
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Masterpiece of transience and elegance
The rug “Tempore Lapse 3” from CC-Tapis, designed by Duccio Maria Gambi, brings the creative emergence of a fleeting moment to life. Hand-knotted in Kathmandu from high-quality Himalayan wool, it impresses with its impressive density of approx. 16,000 individual knots per square meter. This work of art combines craftsmanship and contemporary design while supporting the charitable initiative cc-foreducation. Immerse yourself in the world of “Tempore Lapse 3” and experience the beauty of a fleeting moment in your home.

Why selected
We feel like, this rug is a small work of art for the floor! The colors shimmer through the skillful mix of materials and harmonize with the design at the highest level. We are big fans of the label!

100% Himalayan wool

W: 195 cm, L: 250 cm

Technical info
Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal; Quality: A (16,000 knots/m2)