Design rug All Seeing Bra, handmade

Price upon request


Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 8-12 Weeks

Masterpiece of transience and elegance
Discover the unique charm of the All Seeing Bra design rug from CC-Tapis together with P.A.M. in the exclusive ‘FLOORDROBE’ rug collection. The creative fusion of P.A.M.’s streetwear aesthetic and CC-Tapis’ craftsmanship creates an experimental product that blurs the boundaries between fashion and design. The rug All Seeing Bra shows the details of the flower pattern of P.A.M. with details of the original garment and an oversized label, that can be elegantly folded under the rug.

Why selected
We feel like, this rug is a small work of art for the floor! The colors shimmer through the skillful mix of materials and harmonize with the design at the highest level. We are big fans of the label!

100% Himalayan wool

W: 140 cm, L: 110 cm

Technical info
Technique: Hand tufted

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