Design carpet Feathers, handmade

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Hope is the thing with feathers
Design rug Feathers was created by Maarten De Ceulaer, who has always had a great enthusiasm for birds. Artists John James Audubon and John Gould in particular inspired his designs. In the Feathers rugs, De Ceulaer assembles digital scans that he tweaks and abstracts further until they produce the desired deisgn. Thus, shapes, colors, and textures are rearranged into enchanting and captivating compositions, ultimately resulting in the carpet hand-knotted from Himalayan wool and silk. To achieve the high level of detail and breathe life into the digital artwork, Tibetan hand-knotting of the highest quality is used, with approximately 250,000 individual knots per square meter. Different levels of pile height are hand cut to create a sense of depth and accentuate the shapes of the feathers.

Why selected
Feathers rugs captivate with their fine texture, rich color and eccentric design. The unique three-dimensional design and high quality of the handmade carpet inspire and very much. This carpet will make any room special!

Cotton fabric, Himalayan wool, silk

The dimensions depend on the particular design. Round: 250 cm x 250 cm, Freeform: 200 cm x 133 cm. Special sizes on request.

Technical info
Technique: Hand knotted in Nepal; Quality: A++ (252.000 knots/m2)