Design carpet Cultivate Chevron, handmade


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Delivery Time: ca. 8-12 Weeks

Cutting as a process of creation
“Cutting becomes a process of creation rather than destruction,” explains textile designer Yuri Himuro, who created the Cultivate Chevron design rug for CC-Tapis. Himuro developed the innovative textile project Snip Snap, in which the pattern of the carpet becomes visible only when the woven threads are cut, exposing a double structure within the textile. To create the rug, CC-Tapis translated Himuro’s novel weaving technique into an Indian flat weave and the result was the masterpiece Cultivate Chevron.

Why selected
At CC-Tapis every carpet is unique. So is the at first glance supposedly simple carpet Cultivate Chevron, which was made with such impressive detailed technology.

Himalayan wool & cotton

W: 230 cm, H: 300 cm

Technical info
Technique: Pitloom, hand knotted in Nepal