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Benediktiner Weissbräuhaus

The fact that Benedictine principles fit perfectly into the present is demonstrated by the spacious Benediktiner Weissbräuhaus in Giessen. Finally, the art of brewing beer, like that of keeping still without standing still, goes back to the monks of Ettal. High time to bring both achievements with modern interior into the gastronomy!


Thanks to the washstand inspired by the baptismal font, even washing hands upon entering the Benediktiner Weissbräuhaus takes on something ritualistic. Ideal to leave the hustle and bustle outside and get involved in the contemporary coziness in the ”Wirtshaus”. Next to the pub, the view of the open kitchenette and the bakery there immediately sparks pure homeliness.

“I wanted to create a feeling of conviviality directly in the entrance area. The guest should feel like at home. A harmonious color concept, cozy textiles and atmospheric lighting are therefore elementary.”


Back to the roots
In the Guten Stube, it’s not just the specially designed lounge furniture that unagitatedly draws a connection to the Bavarian background. Natural solid wood tables, wall paneling and buffet cabinets, fabrics with reworked traditional designs – and above all the floor-to-ceiling mural “Risen Christ” from Ettal Monastery – also make the reference clear.


Into the Stüberl
Even the word “Stüberl” evokes something familiar and intimate in Bavarian, which is why Stephanie Thatenhorst has given this room an extra touch of coziness with larch wood shingles and armchairs. Doors made out of glas and iron balance the setting.


Clear color code
Color-wise, the restaurant becomes a subtle homage to Benediktiner Weissbräu’s signature colors of golden yellow, dark blue and red. Natural country floorboards, historic cast-iron columns in red, and deep blue wall tiles that look like a reimagining of cross-stitching create an instant feel-good mood. Purist arched light fixtures contrast large-checked curtains and painted medallion-style sconces. Functional service furniture designs in color code streamline it all perfectly.==

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Many of the products shown in the pictures are custom-made for the object Benediktiner Weissbräuhaus. You like a product that is not listed? Contact us, we will also be happy to manufacture individual pieces for you in cooperation with our experienced carpenters. We look forward to getting creative with you!

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