Battery table lamp Bellhop, dimmable


Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

Brings color to the game
Rechargeable battery table lamp Bellhop creates indirect light and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its brick red base made of polycarbonate. It lights up to 24 hours and can then be easily charged via micro USB. The battery status indicator is located under the base. Through the 4-step dimmer function, you can individually adjust the desired light intensity.
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Why selected
A cozy lighting atmosphere is one of the most important points in interior design. In rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms, we recommend always using multiple light sources to create a soft lighting atmosphere. The indirect and individually adjustable light of the battery table lamp Bellhop is wonderful to gently illuminate small niches in the room. Since the lamp is wireless, you can conveniently decorate it in another place at any time. Whether on a bookshelf, on a console in the hallway or on your nightstand, Bellhop adds whimsy and great light anywhere!


H: 21 cm, D: 12,5 cm

Light source
100-240/5V, 84 x LED 2.5W 109lm 2700K CRI90 [i], integrated light source, dimmable